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About us


We are a small team made up of one boss and one shift boss, who regularly argue about who is right about some angle, light or setting on the camera, but that doesn't matter to you...

What is important is that we both agree that the photos you receive must be special, unique, and represent you in the best light.

Suzy - This one from the name of the studio, a photographer who has been claiming for herself for years that she is only 25, miraculously has more years of experience working in photography than in life. Stubborn, persistent and always right, even when she's not, but she always is.

Raised in Pula, where she had a photo studio for many years, a combination of circumstances turns a new page in her life and comes to Zadar. She opens a new studio, Suzy New Life, whose name combines her new life in a new city, with the business direction she is embarking on – photographing newborn babies. As she was the first in Zadar, and beyond, to start with it, it was thorny in the beginning, but thanks to the quality of her work and numerous satisfied mothers, the word spread quickly, and since 2007, since she has been in Zadar, she has photographed who knows how many babies. , and the volume of work continues to grow steadily...

But he does not stop photographing weddings, which he has been involved with since the seventh century, and he specially arranges the studio for photographing children and families, and this continues successfully and continues and continues...

Robbie - A photographer with a lot of experience, he has been in photography since high school, worked briefly as a photojournalist, and then started with weddings.

He has been working with Suzy in the team since 2016. Especially immature for his age, and you don't know who is more childish in the studio, him or the children he should be photographing. Parents often ask him to come to their home to babysit their children. He first started doing weddings on his own, and then he realized that it's easier to work with someone than alone, so he joined Suzy. He is constantly harassing Suzy to act in the films they shoot to announce the Christmas photo shoot, or to play a pregnant woman while he "tests something with the lighting", but he knows how to deal with children, so he puts up with him.

He is especially talented in showing pregnant women how to adjust, thanks to his belly, which he keeps specially for these needs.

The secret of our success is our special relationship and approach to work, through which we try to entertain, calm and relax all newlyweds, children and new parents so that the photo shoot is fun and banter, and not as an obligation that must be done.

It is a special experience to accompany families, often from their engagements and weddings, to pregnancy and the birth of a child, and to observe their growth and record all of this and create memories together with them. It's not just a job for us, it's also a special honor. And thank you for that.

Why choose us?

Photo Studio

Our approach combines passion, creativity and professionalism to turn each of your special moments into an unforgettable work of art.


A personalized approach

We listen to your wishes, ideas and stories, in order to create photos that perfectly reflect your personality and important moments.


Artistic creativity

Our team not only follows the latest trends in photography, but also constantly experiments with techniques, styles and perspectives.



Whether it is necessary to adapt to location, weather or specific requirements, our team is ready to respond with professionalism!

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Our commitment to excellence

Every click of our camera tells a story. Our dedication, passion and love for photography is what brings your memories to life.
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